WISHLIST: Fall Fashion 2017 – Blogvember #2

Like I said in the last post, I just bought a house, so frivolous purchases are not in the budget (sadly) this fall. However, a girl can dream.

Wishlist: Mango Red Vinyl Pants

Vinyl Pants

More directly, these vinyl pants from Mango. I know this is a completely now purchase, and these could be out before they’re even fully in. But for some reason I can’t shake my urge to buy these pants.


Silver Boots

Again, so trendy; but this is my constant problem. I tried this pair on at Nordstrom Rack and would’ve bought them, had both shoes been the same size.


Racing Jacket

I blame Bunny on YouTube for this one. I already wanted a checkered jacket, but when she said she was looking for a vintage racing jacket, I caught the craving as well. She may as well be Regina George. This one is from Dolls Kill, but I’d probably just eBay one.


Green Fur Coat

I think I want this less this year than last, but I’m still dreaming of owning this Michael Kors green fur.

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