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Hair: Roots

Let me tell you ’bout my hair; It’s about yaay long and hasn’t been cut (no joke) for over 6 years. I’t’s been dyed almost every color of the rainbow and have gone from black to blonde and back again at least three times. Currently, I bleach only my roots and only every two months or so. Still, my hair breaks and fries and I have absolutely no control over it because it just continues to break off.

The only solution (of course) is to let it grow and not touch it for a long, long while. However, I’m miss antsy pants and have a difficult time looking the same for more than a few months and I absolutely hate when people make comments about how long my roots are. But, I know that eventually, I will have to deal with it and take the time to grow some roots. So, I thought, why not now? I know that as I write this, even I don’t believe that I will stick to it, but at least I’m putting it out there for some outside input, tips and support.  I have about an inch or roots right now and am already losing my mind.

Helmut Lang Fall 2012

image from: Style

The Colovos are speaking my language. This Helmut Lang collection is everything I hope for when fall fashion week begins. The leather, the hair, the knits, the asymmetric styling, the scarves & the white and red dyed fabric are all perfection. Plus, thigh high boots always win my heart.

Cyber Monday at Voodoo Vintage

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Money, Success, Fame, Glamour & the Return of the Club Kids

images from tumblr.com

The days of owl-loving  burlap sack hipster fashion are rapidly becoming a thing of the past; a new area of re-invention is upon us. The club kids are back and taking the internet by storm. These neon-haired teens and twenty-somethings are a goth hybrid adorned with neon accessories and an obsession with aliens and becoming inhuman. They’re harajuku girls on acid; a twisted homage to Michael Alig and the famewhoring glamour kids of the eighties.  But these arent the “sleep all day party all night” drug fiend children reincarnate. These kids are moguls, marketing geniuses; they own their own companies and are taking control of their lives. This may be my first mention of this rebirth, but it definitely wont be my last; I’ve become obsessed with this new genre of thought and style.

For some great club kid inspiration, check out these tumblrs:

Hair Bows & Bow Ties at Voodoo Vintage

I’ve been working hard all week and I can finally show you the result….

Skull hair bows! I’ve been making them by the dozens and they’re beginning to overflow my apartment, which is where you come in… I listed all 10 colors on Etsy tonight!

There’s only 8 of each color available before I choose a new fabric (or a new hobby) so if you would like to purchase one… don’t hesitate!

All bows are 100% cotton and 100% quality. The charms are hand-painted and removable!

Bows come standard on bobby pins but I can glue on a pinback instead to make a snazzy bow tie!

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