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RUNWAY: Elie Saab – Fall/Winter 2017 RTW – Blogvember #3

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If I had to pick one collection to model my entire fall wardrobe off of, it might be this one. It’s a masterpiece. It’s the perfect old world meets new world love story. Each piece is soft yet edgy and vintage yet modern. Have I mentioned how in love with this collection I am?

Helmut Lang Fall 2012

image from: Style

The Colovos are speaking my language. This Helmut Lang collection is everything I hope for when fall fashion week begins. The leather, the hair, the knits, the asymmetric styling, the scarves & the white and red dyed fabric are all perfection. Plus, thigh high boots always win my heart.

Jeremy Scott Fall 2012

images from: Style & tumblr

Ok, who let Jeremy Scott drop acid with Lisa Frank? Also, thank you mister Scott, for bringing my 90’s club kid premonitions to life through your insane collections. I can’t get over this one. I’m so stoked to see my smiley face and rainbow pony folders turned into clothing. Also allow me to segue into the handmade Alien Earrings  I sell that go oh so perfectly along with this fashion.

Oscar De La Renta Fall 2012

image from: Style

Oscar de la Renta just barely gets a blog post dedicated to his collection. His pieces featured  granny knits, questionable colored fur, a lighter color palette and spring-esque patterns. But he won me over with the dress to the far right. I’m obsessed.  (Can you tell I have a thing for black & blue ball gowns?)

Steven Alan Fall 2012

image from: Style

Does it make me a hipster for loving the Steven Alan collection? While it may no be the most original thing on the runway, I love the menswear on women, the large midi skirts and the preppy prints.

Tadashi Shoji Fall 2012

image from: Style

Japanese native, Tadashi Shoji, is a wizard with lace. His collection was delicate, edgy and classic. This new designer is making a wonderful splash into the industry.

Wes Gordon Fall 2012

image from: Style

While the collection didn’t really suit me as a whole, I liked the take on menswear, satin accents, dark color palette and variety of looks. But satin pants and metallic leopard are just.. ehh. Anyway, these are my favorite looks from the Wes Gordon fall 2012 collection.