INSPIRATION: January 2014


PHOTOGRAPHY: Fake It ‘Till You Make It

As you have seen from my outfit posts, I am not a photographer. I’ve never had ‘the eye’ or any ‘eye’ whatsoever for the amazing art of capturing life on film. However, as a media and social media person, I know learning how to take at least decent photos is a skill I should really acquire. So instead of sitting down to read the 400-page instruction booklet that came with my camera, I decided to check out other blogs to see what makes their photographs captivating. I realized that it’s all about the natural lighting and the focus. My camera(a Nikon D5000) only has one lens, so I was out to ‘fake it ’till I make it’ (the advice I give everyone for everything). Taking close-up shots was the best way I could make my photographs look artsy and worthy of any pride, so I stuck with those. I used natural lighting then brightened them up a bit in Photoshop if necessary. These are the shots I took for one of my clients for an upcoming Quilt Run. See the rest of this set here.

RUNWAY: Maison Martin Margiela Pre-Fall 2013

OOTD: Loser Machine

Hype on Lookbook

2012: Inspiration Recap

QUOTE: Schuman on Cunningham

Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) on Bill Cunningham (New York Times):

You know, I hate to say it, I’m sure everyone thinks he’s a lovable guy, and I’m sure he is. We’ve never had a conversation. The only conversation we’ve ever had is when I’m trying to shoot someone and he says, ‘Hey, get out.’ The only influence he’s had on me is that I want to be doing that when I’m 80. That’s the only thing. I want to be on the bike, I want to be doing that at 80. His photographs, I think they’re nice, they’re just a totally different style from me. I don’t think they’re bad, really just a different style. He’s really reportage, shoot, snap, he’s just going, going, going. His only influence has been in the quality of the effort he puts in and the joy — you can literally really see it on his face, the joy that he still has for fashion.

-New York Times

PUBLISHED: Dinosaur Frills

Dinosaur FrillsThis stegosaurian trend is making a blip on my fashion radar. Read more in my article for the Toronto Standard: Would You Wear: Dinosaur Frills?


RUNWAY: Robert Rodriguez SS 2013

Robert RodriguezRobert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez

MY STYLE: August Shade

Even though it’s already starting to feel like fall in Toronto, I’ve recently found two perfect pairs of sunglasses at Bang-On. Not even rain is going to stop me from wearing these shades out before the sun leaves for good (as tends to happen in places that aren’t San Diego).

EDITORIAL: Alexa in Elle

Alexa Chung in Elle France, August 2012